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Review of "Kingtide" by blythely [Nov. 22nd, 2004|07:43 pm]
The Critically Constructive Feedback Project


Written by blythely
Harry Potter fandom
R rating

I really enjoyed this story. I enjoyed the fact that you used a different approach to laying out the facts of this story. Instead of just saying “Here’s the back-story, and here is what is happening now”, you feed the reader bits and pieces at a time, drawing in their attention, leaving them wondering what else you might reveal. However, there is a draw back to this method. Choosing to do this by using flashbacks is tricky, and it can be very confusing for the reader to follow. In this particular story, you manage to balance the past with the present fairly well, so the story does flow pretty smoothly.

As for the revealing details, a writer has to be careful to give as much as they hold back. Leaving something to the reader’s imagination can be a good thing. You don’t always want the entire story laid out for you, because then there is no room for the imagination to do anything. But you want to give enough, because holding back too much information can have an adverse effect in that it causes disinterest in the reader because there isn’t enough for them to invest in. For example, were Harry and Draco previously together as a couple? Are Remus and Harry together as a couple in the scene with the postcard, or just a familial type setting? Which side was Draco on in that battle you described?

I liked your characterization. Harry post-war is a blank slate for fanfiction writers. The possibilities of what he might do are almost limitless. I can see the Harry of canon being compelled to destroy his wand, to all but give up magic, once the war was over and his destiny was fulfilled, so to speak, after Voldemort is gone. And I like Draco, too. He has his own hurts, his own flaws, but he still has that Malfoy edge. Your Draco and Harry compliment each other, without taking anything from the individual characters. That is not an easy balance to achieve, and many writers have a tendency to make one or the other a different person, like make Draco too soft, but you avoid that problem area.

All in all, an enjoyable story with a unique twist.